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About Us

CRSLight, founded in 1999 and located in an eastern suberb of Cleveland, Ohio, supplies color-corrected LED light and other smart lighting products. Higher institutions of learning that have CRS Lights include: Harvard and Rutgers Universities. Carnegie museums use the lights to see true color. Body shop professionals and a host of other professionals appreciate real natural light. Offices include commercial, retail, furniture, government, dental and medical facilities, studios of all sorts including exersize, art, and design. Our bulbs our now in veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Our Mission:

  • To help industry be as productive as possible. Whether i'ts inspection or creation, getting it right the first time boosts the bottom line. We have found that managed lighting is one of the quickest ROI's an organization can make just by reducing or eliminating redos and remakes.
  • To provide a valuable benchmark and communicate efficiencies made using color-correct, full spectrum, or natural light spectrum.
  • To research and share information about how light affects vision health and well-being.
  • To provide solutions that help control lighting environments which provide comfort and increased productivity.

We invite you to share any recent information or ideas that would benefit the viewers of the site. Just send us an email here.

We support Parent Cafe's:

  • Parent Cafe's across the U.S. provide facilitator lead discussion groups giving caregivers the tools and resourses to help reduce child neglect and child abuse. Tamara Kraft, co-owner of CRS Light personally conducted the Parent Cafe's through the County Health District for 3 counties. Currently she is a health prevention educator teaching kids about addiction, social media, suicide, bullying and a host of other subjects.

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