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  No-Light™ Fluorescent Replacement Tube
Inexpensive dimming and
energy saving solution.

U.L., ETL Listed

Save up to 50–75% in electricity/lighting costs. Many people are dimming their light in their work environments to make it easier to work on the computer. Researchers use these to control light levels.

Whether you are trying to reduce glare, provide for individual lighting preferences, or save money by reducing the light output in storage or low-light use areas, the No-Light fluorescent replacement tube is a smart, timely and healthy alternative. Where varied light levels give a look of disunity to your office, the No-Lights are the perfect solution to creating an even, low-light presentation in these areas without replacing fixtures or ballasts.

The No-Light is a versatile, dimming solution. This replacement tube produces "no light", but conducts electricity to complete a needed fluorescent light circuit so you can turn your multi-light fluorescent ceiling fixture* into a 1, 2 or 3 lamp task fixture. It comes in T8, T10, T12 sizes, in 2', 3', 4' and 8' lengths.

This tube is a perfect solution for today's diverse lighting needs. Today's ever changing work environments call for lighting solutions that enable you to inexpensively personalize your multi-light fluorescent fixture to fit task and personal lighting preferences as often as needed. This saves money, time and inconvenience. The No-Light can also save the cost of relamping, installing expensive personal dimmers or installing new fixures.

The No-Lights last indefinitely because there is nothing to burn out. This helps to minimize lamp purchases. The No-Light does not effect the ballast but actually lowers ballast hot-spot temperature. No-Lights cut air conditioning costs by reducing BTUs being generated by your lighting system. The No-Lights are easy to install–they just snap into your current fixture.

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A Perfect Combo...our No-Light tube and our full-spectrum fluorescent tubes.

If you are concerned that lower light levels may be too tough on the eyes, then use a fluorescent light that has excellent color-rendering capabilities. Medical research states that our eyes dilate more accurately under full-spectrum light, even in lower light levels. CRS Light carries a complete line of full-spectrum light tubes that offer high color-rendering capability, excellent lumen output, and a natural-light Kelvin rating. The combo No-Light with our full-spectrum tube in decreased lighting situations, can allow for easy and comfortable reading. The cost and energy savings here alone easily justify the cost for quality, full-spectrum replacement tubes.For more information please call toll-free 1-888-572-3899.

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We have a complete line of sizes, 2',3', 4', 8', U-3" and U-6"

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