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Picture Proof!

comparison photo of flowers

The above left photo represents the outdoor light benchmark. The Color Rendering Index is 100 with a 5500 Kelvin rating. Our LED lamp, represented by the center photo reads a 95 CRI. The left photo measures at a 78 CRI. In short, colors pop with our 95 CRI lamp. The other lamp creates an ochre cast over all colors. It especially affects pastel colors. The 3rd photo group below demonstrates this clearly on tooth color examples. The Kelvin is 5000 on the center photo and 3500 on the right photo.

pait swatches compared pic  

Automotive paint swatches.

The picture on the right shows an ochre cast over the paint chip colors. When you take the vehicle in the sunlight, mismatches will be revealed. Glare is also an issue under poor lighting.

The color charts at the link below demonstrate how color is seen under each light.

Lighting Charts

These 2 photos demonstrate 2 light measurements. The Kelvin rating of 5000 is identified with the light sensitive ink printed on the large purple swatch. Two magenta stripes appear in lower 3500 Kelvin rated lighting.

This demonstrates how the identical work piece will be seen under another team's lighting if the lights are not the same.

Lighting affects anyone working with color.

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jim portrait CRI head









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