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"The Confidence in knowing that the team is looking at the same shade guide in the very same light as I am is quite reassuring."

David Clark, DDS

Jim provided the lighting layouts with footcandle callouts and LED lighting for our expanding auto body shop. Desired lumens, color temperature, energy efficiency, all on target.  We wanted equipment USA engineered and supervised of the highest quality—Jim at CRS Light delivered.”

Tim Freer, owner
Freer Auto body

"Jim's LED tube lights from CRS Light are making quite a difference in two outstanding ways. The first is that the light emitted is a diffused light very similar to a regular T8 fluorescent light except that it is a whiter, more natural light. They actually make the room more cheerful! This is important because it makes a healthier environment for the children who attend our child care facility and makes a positive impression on the potential parents we take on tour. The detail to lighting demonstrates the care we place on all aspects of our services. Natural spectrum light is healthier for our children and their caregivers and can make learning easier, especially reading. The second reason is that the lights will save us well over $25k over the next 5 years in electricity savings and rebates. Jim's recommendations were spot on with each area. In fact one brand Jim offers has such excellent lumen output we were able to bring our watt usage down from 80 watts to 22 watts per fixture without sacrificing the brightness of the area."

Scott and Faith Kellogg, Owners
Kiddie Company Enrichment Center, (formely Ridgebury Elementary School). PICS

"Here are a few thoughts about the lights:

- A student who is in vision therapy no longer has red, watery eyes.
- My contacts do not dry out as they did with the old lighting.
- Things are more true to color.
- Eyes do not feel strained after the school day.
- Plant growth is improving. They are actually greener.
- Behaviors have improved.
- Students are calmer and happier. It is an overall positive feeling
     throughout the building.
- The transition from outdoors to indoors is not as drastic; it is more
     subtle and gradual".

Principal, New York Elementary School

"I ordered color-correct lighting for the executive office in our company. The day I had them installed (16 overhead ) everyone was stopping in to see what was making the room so bright, one employee asked if we got new curtains! Our offices are in a manufacturing building and the decor is dark paneling and flooring..WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My eyestrain disappeared the first day, viewing the computer is much easier and the main purpose for my switching to color-correct lighting, which is color matching, has taken the guess work out of when we have reached the right color sample. I think you have a great product. Thank you. ".

Wendy, Los Angeles

"A salesmen walked into my office selling lights with some interesting claims and I felt a suspected high price tag for the lights. The claims were full spectrum and a very high lumen, which is brightness. I found CRS Light and Jim was very helpful and honest. I tested both lights and Jim's lights were less expensive and much better in quality. We do a lot of work with detailed construction drawings and after comparing both lights, Jim's claims were very true. Jim said my white would be whiter and the black would be blacker. In fact, the black looks as though it is bold text. It was hard to understand at first that brighter isn't the only way to judge a light. Jim was very patient in explaining what truly makes the difference in full spectrum light quality and that is natural light color temperature".

President, Construction Co., St. Cloud MN

"I read prescriptions, small print, and computer monitors all day, these natural lights and Glare Guard from CRSLight has eliminated my discomfort from eyestrain, I will tell anyone who calls about these".

Pharmacist Tim Williams, Euclid Family Pharmacy, Euclid OH

" I recently had eye muscle surgery and the strain from the cool-white fluorescent lights were too much for me. I tried these light's from CRS and I found much relief immediatly after installation. I put a high quality glare guard on my computer a week before and that helped too".

Accountant, U.S. Gov. Office in Denver


" I work with learning disabled and brain-injured children. I have to say the lights from CRS Light play a significant part in treatment and order".

Neurodevelopmental Consultant

"We have replaced the cool-white fluorescent lights with CRS Light's full-spectrum fluorescents lights and the headaches have gone away in our media department".

Simulation Co. for the U.S. Gov. in Florida


" I installed CRSLight's full-spectrum fluorescent lights after everybody was gone for the evening, and the the next morning, everyone thought I repainted the place. They all said it was very cheery. As a dentist I have to specify teeth color. Most of my color matching was done in the "A" shade range, now it's in the "C" color range".
Dentist in Bunkie Louisiana


" We really like these lights. The principal likes a bright, positive, environment. Thanks Jim for bringing this issue to our attention."
Facility manager for school and church in Willoughby Hills, OH


" We were considering adding more light fixtures, but these lights from CRS Light are much brighter and cheerier than what we have. I can see into the cabinets better. The green cast is gone on the office walls and the yellow/smoke like stain is gone as well on the light reflector shields. We will be ordering more shortly to do the rest of the office."

Accounts Payable Manager, Sterling, IL


" I have changed over to CRS Lights's task lights in our entire metal cutting and finishing facilities and I will never go back to ambiant lighting again"! We even put these in our main offices, I can't believe the difference!

President, Machine Shop, Euclid, OH

" Wow, seeing is believing. I never thought to look at our light "inside the building" as a contributor to our learning environment. Full-spectrum light does make a difference!"

Principal, Cleveland, OH

" The lights are up in my office and they appear to be much whiter than the outer offices. The computer glare seems to be cut down considerably".

S.S Tamarac, Florida


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