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A single case of our 95 CRI Lights can save
you $32,400 in redo's.*

Heads up! Poor lighting, (80 CRI, on the color rendering index), can cost you in lost revenue, shop time, and in poor customer relations.

high cri led t8 bulbscolor correct lights for auto body shops, booths   

  The variables present in your paint booth can easily throw your paint vision awry. With CRS's color-correct lights, you won't have to worry about the see-ability in your work area. See Testimonials Below.  

From one artisen to another... you have a sharp awareness of what most don't even give a thought about-- e.g. what happens when light travels through a transluscent layer and reflects off a gold or silver base layer—will your light have the ability to penetrate down to the base? WiIl the metalic flakes reflect the light the same way in the paint booth as outdoors?

How about pastels? Low 80 CRI LED's can't render color like a 95 CRI light can.
See lighting charts.

The ability to SEE your workpiece clearly makes a difference for any artisen. Often times, lighting is not given priority and can result in redo's which are costly in labor, lost booth time, material, and, more importantly, keeping a great reputation.

95 cri light 14 Watts!

• Color-Correct Lighting in LED, 95 CRI, 5000 Kelvin.
• Single or Double end Voltage input
• Shunted and Unshunted compatible
• Shatterproof Coated (P.E.T. Coating Available)
• Operating temperatures -20°C/-4° to 45°C/113°F
• Direct voltage inpute range: 120vac - 277vac
• 2200 Lumens, 4' Linear Tub

• Frosted cover, no blinding diodes
• 50,000+ Hour Lifetime
• Replacement for Conventional       Fluorescent Lamp
• Uses same fixture

**Photo above is depicting the main differentiating lamp ratings. The actual lamp marking ends with 850-1.


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* A $900 average redo cost was used in the calculation. 12 redos in one year multiplied
by 3 years. Your averages may be different.

USA engineered, supervised and warrantied!
Call Jim at 1-888-KRAFT99 or text 440-749-85four5
For Canada Shipping: Please contact for cost.

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Refunds: Due to product size and shipping costs, returns are accepted
up to 30 days. 15% restocking fee with freight costs apply..

Limited supply, get your lights ordered while stock is good!


Click on photo the for installation overview video.   thumbail for video convert fluorescent fixture


"I operate an Automobile Paint and Body shop, where lighting is crucial to matching colors everyday on cars. Over the years we've always made due with painting cars under fluorescent lighting. But it has always been a hassle not knowing exactly if you have a good color match until it is outside in the direct sunlight. Since led bulbs have been dominating the market, I decided to give them a try to see if it would improve our lighting conditions. Not understanding lighting, and thinking bulbs were just bulbs. I bought and installed 156 standard LED 80 CRI bulbs. Disaster! We found out the hard way. The lighting was terrible. We did some research and found CRS light. They stock the color-corrected bulbs and took the time to explain exactly how the CRI and Kelvin ratings and even lumens affect color. Such a difference with the color-corrected bulbs! We can now match colors in our paint shop with confidence that we will have a great color match."

  Clay Marsh, owner
Advanced Autobody, Hilton Head
Over 30 years experience In the Automobile Repair and Painting Industry
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Jim provided the lighting layouts with footcandle callouts and LED lighting for our expanding auto body shop. Desired lumens, color temperature, energy efficiency, all on target.  We wanted equipment USA engineered and supervised of the highest quality—Jim at CRS Light delivered.”


 Tim Freer, owner
Freer Auto body
Voted BEST in Madison County, Illinois

Tim’s tip: Don’t get caught in the shadows… Lighting truly matters when trying to match colors or seeing if your body lines/work are correct as well.

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Keywords: Color correct lighting, natural spectrum light, full-spectrum light bulbs, we have all your color-correct lighting needs handled at crslight.com. Color correct light is usded be many color and inspection professionals. See our professionals list. We offer high quality full-spectrum light and solutions for those who seek natural light for their office, work or home environment. Our full color spectrum lighting is easy on the eyes and will allow for better health and less headaches and eyestrain brought on by regular fluorescent lighting. Light for dentists, labs, inspection areas, retail, display, printing, graphics, artists, spray booths, auto body shops, carpentry, interior design, hobby, hobbiest, ER rooms, cosmetic denistry, candl, crayon mfg.paint manufacturing, paint mixing.

Normal fluorescent lighting is typically of inferior design and manufacture compared to the quality of ourthe natural light bulbs. At crslight.com we make sure that your order of full-spectrum light bulbs will be processed and shipped in a timely manner.

Spectrum lighting is widely used in many applications where vision quality comes first. You can also use full-spectrum fluorescent light as showroom lighting, studio lighting, or anywhere where you wish to have true light or full color spectrum lighting. Our original full-spectrum lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. An excellent spectrum in fluorescent light makes a significant difference in enhancing your vision. We offer natural light in tube form. You can buy our natural and full-spectrum light bulbs by the box, case, or truckload. Whatever your lighting needs, CRSLight.com will make sure you see clearly. Our natural light bulbs are of the highest quality and can even help to increase productivity among your employees. Industry shows that balanced spectrum lighting will help release tension and reduce glare that wears out the eyes caused by fluorescent lighting. Give your eyes a break and a treat all at the same time, and order full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs from CRS Light today!

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