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Children and Light

Full spectrum light reduces stress and agitation in comparison to cool white fluorescent light.

Dr. Fritz Hollwich (professor, author, researcher Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Muenster, West Germany), said his findings explain the agitated mental and physical behavior of children who spend up to six hours each day in school under artificial illumination (3500 and 3200 1x). He goes on to stress the importance of using light that is closest to natural light.


The Hollwich study concludes in summary, that under equal conditions, the full-spectrum fluorescent tubes produced significantly less of the "stress hormones" ACTH and cortisol, than were found with the widely used standard cool-white lamps. "In other words, from the standpoint of health, this broad spectrum tube is much better tolerated regarding the endocrine response of the human body than the standard cool-white one."
(Page 94 of Hollwich's book, "The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolsim in Man and in Animal")

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