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The home furnishing business is about gathering lots of scattered details, pleasing many tastes, an awareness of the vision and its constraints, goals, and objectives. These need to be all flowing in the same direction and delivered on time. This performance takes talent, expertise, creativity and a keen sense of items most never give a thought to. 

You have all that horsepower ready to go and someone comes in and just wants a couch. You apparently get a break, you pull out a swatch book, ask a few of the key questions, the customer points to a tanny beige and you write them up and complete the order.

A few weeks later the couch is delivered and you get a call from an upset customer. The customer exclaims: “The color is not what I ordered. I ordered beige, not gray. Nothing matches!” Now you are asked to be a counselor and a referee! You covered your basis, you got their signature but its all turning into a nightmare. Ugh! After much bantering you win and the customer settles.

But did the company really win? The customer, in this case my kind mother in-law, calls in a tizzy! Nothing matches this "gray" couch! My wife and I hear her out and decide to help. We make a trip to the wallpaper store, with cushion in hand and start the design and redecoration process. Six weeks later, the holiday’s pass and installation commences. Steaming, perforating, tear down, prepping, priming and new hanging begins.

I reflect back and wonder if this could have been prevented? Probably, if the viewing lights were right when she ordered.

A motivated buyer wants to give you cash and trust you for a simple beige couch. How easy can that be? When you are in the belly of the beast (meaning far away from natural light), all kinds of problems can present themselves. In our case, the current wallpaper could have used some updating, so all ended well. When lighting is color-correct, you get the closest light possible to natural light. The Kelvin and CRI ratings are what differentiates light. CRS's Lights will give you and your customers a true color reading.

Oh, in case you were wondering about that second couch? It's the couch I used in the counselor's office so I could recover from the very grumpy father-in-law who had to hang the new wallpaper.



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