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Light Sensitivity Discovery.

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The mysteries surrounding eyesight are many. It is these mysteries that keep the subject of the eye so intriguing! The eye's precise design and ability is often taken for granted.

Think of all that your eyes do. They must interpret pastels and vibrant colors. They must differentiate between values and tones, light density and shapes. They change shape to focus near and far. All of this is done without a thought! Amazing!

In my 18 years solving light problems, I have seen some commonalities that should be communicated to vision professionals. Many of my clients have come to me as a last resort. They are asking me to address health issues like eyestrain, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and migraines.

I discovered my light sensitivity when I was in school studying the visual arts. Part of the curriculum was time spent in art history books, art museums, as well as in practice. Constant eye demands under inconsistent lighting was the first trigger.

I discovered the second trigger when I was in large, poorly lit open spaces such as in retail department stores.

An individual's sensitivity to light is not the same across the board. In my opinion, I believe 20-25% of the population have a physical overt reaction to off-spectrum light. In my case, it's either my eyes seem to be starved for more information or the light itself appears to be overwhelming. It seems that my symptoms emerge when the lighting is insufficient or unbalanced.

It is very easy to come up with “reasons” why we are having visual issues. We often forget about the importance of lighting. Many people in all walks of life, whether it's in the arts, general office work where there is on-and-off computer screen vision demands, a part inspection department, product creation areas, wherever vision is tasked, light sensitivity symptoms begin to emerge.

The usual path in the discovery of light sensitivity begins with a visit to a medical professional. Then perhaps to another. It may include a visit to the local chiropractor and an optometrist. All of these offer great healthcare advice and should be explored. These professionals may tell you to keep hydrated, get more sleep and get a new eyeglass or contact prescription. The lighting guy is usually the last stop, but may be just the thing to take your vision to the next level, not to mention getting rid of the headaches and eyestrain!

Managing working areas with balanced spectrum task lighting may be the path to assist in increased productivity and well being.




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