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An excellent LED lighting upgrade can not only save 2/3 on your lighting bill but contribute to a shop's overall performance and profitability.

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Machine shop equipment, inventory, and shelving can create shadowed areas. Machine cavities, safety shields, and large parts can block light as well. When planning your LED lighting upgrade keep it on the brighter side with an excelent kelvin rating. CRS light can show you the needed foot candles within a lighting diagram for your shop or factory. An ideal work area can have a 100+ foot candle average utilizing fixtures with a larger light emmision area. This helps the operator to see and read micrometers, indicators, and other guages better. Good lighting helps with attentiveness and productivity. You will be able to read prints easier, see inside cutting areas better, and inspect the work pieces and finishes for consistancy.

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Three models starting with 13,200 lumens@ 90 watts, $189 ea. This is an unbelievable offer.

The other 2 sizes include:
- 18,900 lumens, 130 watts
- 25,000 lumens, 185 watts

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Keywords: Color correct lighting, natural spectrum light, full-spectrum light bulbs, we have all your color-correct lighting needs handled at crslight.com. We offer high quality full-spectrum light and solutions for those who seek natural light for their office, work or home environment. Our full color spectrum lighting is easy on the eyes and will allow for better health and less headaches and eyestrain brought on by regular fluorescent lighting.

Normal fluorescent lighting is typically of inferior design and manufacture compared to the quality of ourthe natural light bulbs. At crslight.com we make sure that your order of full-spectrum light bulbs will be processed and shipped in a timely manner.

Spectrum lighting is widely used in many applications where vision quality comes first. You can also use full-spectrum fluorescent light as showroom lighting, studio lighting, or anywhere where you wish to have true light or full color spectrum lighting. Our original full-spectrum lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. An excellent spectrum in fluorescent light makes a significant difference in enhancing your vision. We offer natural light in tube form. You can buy our natural and full-spectrum light bulbs by the box, case, or truckload. Whatever your lighting needs, CRSLight.com will make sure you see clearly. Our natural light bulbs are of the highest quality and can even help to increase productivity among your employees. Industry shows that balanced spectrum lighting will help release tension and reduce glare that wears out the eyes caused by fluorescent lighting. Give your eyes a break and a treat all at the same time, and order full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs from CRS Light today!

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