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The lighting objective was to significantly increase the lighting without adding poles or changing them out with a larger pole.

  The LED pole lights smart design includes a number of signicant features. Brighter light pointed downward with a wide beam angle spreads the light evenly. The footcandle reading is 5x that of metal halide. The wind drag on these is minimal, the energy needed to power these is 40% less than the original metal halides.  
LED pole lights entrance The LED wall packs pictured below have a story as well. Most wall packs have only one row of lights and do not rotate for the specific lighting area size. These do. The loading dock has a single rotating light row. The building front wallpack lights have two rows. One for bulding illumination, the 2nd row kicks out the light for the parking lot. These LED's add light without adding fixtures!  
  This photo proves the eveness of light on the parking lot.

This light plan also demonstrates the symetrical and asymetrical light dispersion created in the manufacturing process.
LED pole lights front

LED wall packs back


The added lighting certainly adds to the security of the studio campus.

Feel free to contact us to create a custom light plan that works for you.

LED rotating wall packs




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