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...In this article we're comparing two of the 3 options. As an FYI, the 3rd option is new fixture replacement. The first option is to convert your existing fixtures to run LED. You have the cost of the new LED bulb and the cost to have the fixtures converted professionally. The process is easy so you may be able to do it yourself, or have a handyman aware of basic electricity do it by easily following the simple wire-diagram printed on the bulb.

There are LED lights that work with or without a ballast. So you can put them in now, if you have T8 ballasts in place. When the ballasts go out, you can wire-direct eliminating the ballast at a later date. Even if you have a fixture conversion done professionally, if the fixtures and wires are in good shape, which most are, doing a fixture conversion is the least expensive way to go. The second option is using a retro-fit kit. It consists of removing the old hardware and installing a new shell inside of the existing fixture. Some snap-in with magnets. This route can be at least twice as much as a fixture conversion. You may get a new lens in the deal but if there is an occasional faded lens in the fixture conversion route, it can be picked up at the local box store or there are manufactures that can cut these to size.

You have to be careful in your selection as there are a few more considerations: All LED’s are not created equal. Many are discovering the value in managing light. Meaning the higher the CRI, color rendering index, the easier it is on the eyes. We carry the highest in the industry with a 95 CRI. There are new LED 4’ lamps with lumens of a 8’ LED. Brightness can quickly turn to blindness. With some LED’s, you can even see the diodes—this is not always good for overall vision quality and light dispersion. Also, with a fixture conversion, when a bulb goes out, you change the bulb. In a retrofit scenario you may have to change the entire kit, or with many new fixtures, you may have to replace the entire fixture. Ask if the individual driver and engines can be replaced. Also, box stores buy in lots and can buy older tech. And, yes, faulty tech. We have replaced “cheaper” brands that went out in only 6 months of use.

KeepMyFixtures.com/CRSLight vets product recommendations. With all the LED choices available, it's good to use a rep with lighting consulting experience to order your lights. Ceiling height, fixture quantity, and foot candles are a few items that can play a part in determining optimal lighting. We can shoot from the hip with many applications, but if there is a need for a lighting diagram, we can help with that as well. Feel free to call us should you have other LED lighting upgrade questions. 1-440-946-5005.

Example fixtures that are great candidates for fixture conversion.

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Spectrum lighting is widely used in many applications where vision quality comes first. You can also use full-spectrum fluorescent light as showroom lighting, studio lighting, or anywhere where you wish to have true light or full color spectrum lighting. Our original full-spectrum lights are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. An excellent spectrum in fluorescent light makes a significant difference in enhancing your vision. We offer natural light in tube form. You can buy our natural and full-spectrum light bulbs by the box, case, or truckload. Whatever your lighting needs, CRSLight.com will make sure you see clearly. Our natural light bulbs are of the highest quality and can even help to increase productivity among your employees. Industry shows that balanced spectrum lighting will help release tension and reduce glare that wears out the eyes caused by fluorescent lighting. Give your eyes a break and a treat all at the same time, and order full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs from CRS Light today!

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