Color for Professionals

According to Dr. Sam Berman*, our eyes respond better to full spectrum light. Color correct light or full spectrum light offers a color temperature unlike any in the industry. CRS Light's True Lites are the closest to natural light at the best price you can find today. Our full spectrum lighst and are featured at the Smithsonian Institute. If you are a professional and need to see color accurately in your work, then these lights will save you time and money. The links below have occupation specific benefits of color correct light:

  • Artists: work easier in true, northern light .
  • Designers: can see the effect they are looking for and client presentations have more impact.
  • Dentists: color takeoffs, pleasing clients and personnel .
  • Doctors: defining ER patient skin color at a glance, 2/3 less UV emisions from that of cool white fluorescent light. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus can be negatively effected.
  • Facility Managers: provide a healthier environment .
  • Home Owners: are installing fixtures at home for these lights, because the light is better.
  • IT Depts: relief from the symptoms from tremendous and continuous eyestrain. (We suggest both products, our high quality Glare Guard and Task Lights).
  • Students: test out better .
  • Office workers: complaints of headaches go away and people can see better.
  • Media Depts.: match color better, glare is gone from monitors.
  • Machine Operators: can see micrometers, indicators, gauges, parts, finishes, and prints better. Less part rework.
  • Paint matching technicians: easier and more accurate color matching because of Penetrating quality of this light get into deep reflective layers. Consistent color viewing at night and cloudy days at autobody shops both in the booth or in the shop. See prep work better.
  • Pharmacists: can read small text better and gives a professional look.
  • Photographers: transparencies and prints can be viewed in true color.
  • Printers: can please even the pickiest art directors by allowing them to see true color anywhere in the shop or meeting room.
  • Retailers: Whether your're displaying, fabric, furniture or diamonds, these lights give the magic glow that looks incredible close up or from the street.
    The penetrating light brings out the beauty that was intended by the product designer.

*Sam Berman is presently senior scientist emeritus at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). He was the originator and the first leader of the lighting research program. Before joining LBNL, he was professor of physics at Stanford University, where he was a member of the team that founded the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Better Sight With Less Light? Article


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