The Joy of Seeing Color!

Light has everything to do with seeing clearly and correctly. Great artists of the past discovered wonderful secrets about mastering color.

DaVinci is credited for creating atmosphere and depth on two dimensional canvas. For example, he mixed his palette colors to bring out the foreground beauty by muting the background colors to match that of the distant sky. The further in the distance the element was, the more muted he made it. This simple yet subtle treatment created incredible depth. It also brought out the foreground beauty. Impressionists like Monet, Picasso, and Surat discovered the magic and power of color. When you look at a painting up close, you are able to see intense color brush strokes. As you back away, the intense colors blend together and surprisingly, another color scheme emerges.

The artists used color in combinations like these to create very pleasing visual effects. Skin, hair and eye color are illuminated delightfully with good light. Today's designers of everyday elements such as fabrics, clothes, wall decor and floor coverings have a color scheme that color correct light can bring out refreshingly. This light has the ability to permeate through layered surfaces and reflect back colors along the way. Under color correct light, you will see colors like you have never seen them before! Reds are redder, blues are bluer, secondary, tertiary, even blacks and whites are clearer.Some say the light offers a cheerier environment, perhaps this is because the eye is just simply pleased.

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The Joy of Seeing Colors!
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