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Light Bay by CRS Light

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The Light Bay is a drive-through frame holding 26, 4' LED, 3 lamp, light fixtures using high 95 CRI lamps. For tight spaces, the Mobile Light Wall, pictured below, may fit the bill as well.

This serves multiple industries nicely. For auto body shops, this light bay is for vehicle inspection and color match creation. This makes every everything on the vehicle surface visable. Between low foot-candle light in the shop and glaring sunlight outdoors, there is no non-shifting ligthing benchmark. This creates extremely inconsistant visability in several ways. The light banks are on seperate switches, this will help you to call out imperfections on the contour. No more missing items and being blamed for existing scratches or dents.

No one likes surprises—avoid them with a color correct light bay, and there is good reason to be color correct—it's not just more light, it's quality high, 95 CRI light. With 80 CRI light you miss way to much in detail and color. The 95 CRI penetrates transluscent paint layers.

If you want to make a positive impression with clients then use aluminum trusses in a rectangular drive-through box shape—just like what you see on concert stages holding up lighting.

When you do the math, this investment is a money maker and money saver for sure.

If you would like us to spec out a light bay, let us know. Call 888-572-3899. For additional info and how to get a 15% promotional discount, click here. Offer expires May 15, 2024.

Light Wall by CRS Light

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