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The artistry will set you apart.

About carpentry wood staing with color correct lights

Your precise artisan skills got you to the point where you are ready for finish. Not just any finish but you have to hit the exact color in matching or achieving the intended design and/or affect.

The man hours and materials are on the block. If the finish isn't right, a delayed deadline, redo labor, and the worst, compromise maybe on the table. Our color correct lights help take some of the guess work and risk out of the picture. The lights give you a visual benchmark of the many different lighting scenerios your piece will be under.

The name True Lite is appropriate. Our Kelvin and CRI light emision ratings are what differentiates us from the crowd. Period. These are the artisan's lights and here's why.

As an artist/artisan myself, I can assure you of the amazing seeabilty inherent in these lights. Your stains have different opacities. Your wood grains include a mix of hard and soft woods with variables within the same specie of tree. In my testing of lights, ours have a penetrating quality like no other. The right balance of phosphors nail what goes on in the grain of the wood visually. You know what happens to your masterpiece under different lights—it changes! If your original benchmark was just a little off, like the lights found in box stores, the problem can easily compound itself.

The knowledge of these details are what makes you a professional.
The ability to SEE your your workpiece and the materials used on them, clearly makes a difference for any artisan.

Color is a significant part of the design. Whenever a client or potential client sees a workpiece an impression is made. Clamp down on a great impression by using benchmark lighting.



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