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Seeing better with color-correct, full spectrum light.

The headaches, eyestrain, and increased irritability, many people are experiencing today may likely be caused by artificial light. (Some of our Testimonials).This light comes from common cool-white flourescents and the computer screen. But those are not the only problems these lights may be causing. Most people don't realize scientific tests prove that common cool-white fluorescents affect emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Most office and institutional buildings use the outdated cool-white fluorescent bulbs. The narrow-light spectrum (unnatural light) and the flicker these older bulbs and ballasts produce, along with the flickering light computer screens generate, play havoc on eyes and produce negative physiological effects. The result -- people tire more easily, experience difficulty concentrating, make more mistakes, and become more irritable.

Many of us manage the water we drink, the air we breathe and now with the scientic evidence we can manage the light that enters our bodies. Many people that are sensitive to light know something is wrong but can't identify what is happening. Different qualities of light act as triggers to set off our glands in our endocrine system. This is where the stress and relax hormones are produced. ACTH and cortisol are two stress hormone chemicals that are triggered by bad light. The chemicals try to balance out the system but with relentless day in and day out exposure to bad light, the disturbing symptoms described above appear.

It's no wonder why kids today under bad light get agitated and are behaving sometimes rather disturbingly. It's the same with adults in stressfull office situations.

A German doctor, dedicated over 30 years in research in effects of light on man and animal and wrote a book with over 450 references from other Doctors on this subject. Most doctors that participate in this burganing field agree that much more research is needed. Many tests are in process now because of the acceptance of the light influence in our bodies. Many types of illness are using light as a treatment. Some are S.A.D., PMS, common and winter depression. Research is needed to be conducted to verify logical conclusions to what happens to humans with high levels of cortisol. E.G.; Cushing's disease or gland disorders. These topics should be researched as well.

The rods and cones in our eyes, triggered by healthy light, tell our pupils to dialate, which makes it easier to focas. Bright light alone will not do this correctly, but a controlled color temperature found in our full-spectrum bulbs will.

The bulbs are worth it just for appearence. Our testimonials page states users like that the yellow/green cast is gone and people think that the office was just painted or new fixtures were installed. Colors are clear, brite, and refreshing.

Office and factory workers, buyers, facility managers, retailers, eduaction, medical field, architects, editors, engineers, stock brokers, graphic artists, or anyone who has an eye-intensive job or stress inducing environment and spends his or her day under standard fluorescent lighting, have already discovered the positive effects of full-spectrum replacement light bulbs.


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