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Color-correct, T8 LED Tube Lights
Now available in 22 and 18 watt LED's!
Experience the difference!

Latest install: Kiddie Company
before pic




after pic


Crisp, cheery environment makes a difference and so does putting sometimes thousands of dollars in your pockets in energy savings!



"Jim's LED tube lights from CRS Light are making quite a difference in two outstanding ways. The first is that the light emitted is a diffused light very similar to a regular T8 fluorescent light except that it is a whiter, more natural light. They actually make the room more cheerful! This is important because it makes a healthier environment for the children who attend our child care facility and makes a positive impression on the potential parents we take on tour. The detail to lighting demonstrates the care we place on all aspects of our services. Natural spectrum light is healthier for our children and their caregivers and can make learning easier, especially reading. The second reason is that the lights will save us well over $25k over the next 5 years in electricity savings and rebates. Jim's recommendations were spot on with each area. In fact one brand Jim offers has such excellent lumen output we were able to bring our watt usage down from 80 watts to 22 watts per fixture without sacrificing the brightness of the area."

Scott and Faith Kellogg, Owners
Kiddie Company Enrichment Center, (formely Ridgebury Elementary School)



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What does CRS stand for? Color Rendering Solutions. Accurate color rendering helps your eyes to actually see better. Poor lighting can result in fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, and a loss of focus and concentration.
Many think regular fluorescent is the norm because it has become familiar.

Testing by comparison is the best way to see the difference.

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