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Hot Ceilings and LED Light by Jim Kraft

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Can you part with your high energy usage HID's?

Warehouses and factories can create hot ceilings. Is there a LED light that can withstand the heat?

Below are a few points to consider when upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting.

Is it really that hot? We just had a customer ask for a product that would hold up in temperatures up to 150°. Sure we have one, but that's what your HID's are delivering along with their 400—1000 watts of energy usage. I met up with the lighting engineer and he had some excellent ideas to consider:

- Measure heat at 3' increments: On a hot, sunny day, use an industrial grade temperature calibrator and thermometer in the room's center and measure the temperature at 3' increments from the ceiling down. Do not use a laser on material as the material can be connected to a hot ceiling. This reading will give you the real temperature, not just the cover your backside temperature.

- Use a narrow profile light: HID's can be 2-3' in height. Our high bay LED's have a 3.5'' profile. This narrow profile gives you an opportunity to hang the light lower. High enough to stay clear of the tow motors but low enough to enter a cooler temperature zone with more air movement.

- Vent fan usage: if you are using heat generating machinery it would be worth considering a vent fan. Running a fan on hot days may allow you to utilize a high quality LED High bay light.

- Dust: Tow motors running in warehouses generate dust. LED diodes can get hot enough to fuse the dust to the light diodes. This is where a lens can be utilized. The model pictured above has 3 choices: clear, frosted and prismatic.

- Cash Incentives: When you drop your kWh usage from HID to LED the energy company rewards you for this upgrade with a higher cash incentive. Saving approximately 75% energy also creates a fast ROI with lower maintenance costs. Our LED's drivers can be changed out while other fixtures have to be replaced. Our LED high bays are rated to run in temperatures up to 131° F.

- Foot Candle Light Spread: We can provide lighting diagrams that will make sure the light levels are even and the size of the fixture is right for the task. The sample light diagram below indicates how the area is being used. The right side is a sample foot candle diagram.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me anytime.

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